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decorative ceramic tiles and tile murals

Your home deserves the personal, creative, and artistic touch of art on ceramic tiles. The versatility and dependability of Art on Tiles ensure that you get just the type of ceramic tile design--including borders and ceramic tiles murals--you want for your kitchen, children's rooms, living room, recreation areas, bathrooms, patio, etc., like sinks, floors, walls, countertops, fireplace facades, pool areas, and fountains. Let our custom ceramic tiles studio bring out the best in your home décor.

Spanish style house number Italian style house numbers Art Nouveau address tile Hand painting address tile
Food Network magazine tile mural Country Frech tile border Country Frech tile corner design Country Frech tile corner design

 Amazing hand painted and reproduction decorative ceramic tiles and tile murals

Planning a home makeover? Bring your ideas and samples to Art on Tiles, and let us create a realistic reflection of your personality. Ceramic tiles decorated with your colors. Tile Murals reflecting your style and color preferences. Art on Tiles specializes in themes: country, southwest, classical, romantic, Victorian, oceanic, animals, birds, flowers, herbs, etc.

Botanical Flowers tile muralTwo distinct lines of artwork on ceramic tiles.

In order to ensure that you meet your budget and time constraints, Art on tiles offers two types of permanent artwork on decorative tiles: custom painting on ceramic tiles, and stunning already-designed decals on individuals tiles and tile murals.

1. Hand-painted ceramic tiles for tile murals kitchen backsplashes and countertops, baths, fireplaces, pool areas, walls, and floors. We also design and fire porcelain sinks, ceramic kitchen canister sets, and more. Hand painted Tiles Index

2. Kiln-fired decorative ceramic tiles and tile murals for the same areas and uses as for hand-painted ceramic tiles. We use the finest decorative ceramic decals available. If you're in a hurry to put up your tiles, you may wish to go with our large assortment of beautiful reproduction tiles and tile murals. Reproduction Tiles Index

All Art on Tiles decorative ceramic tiles and tile murals are kiln fired.

Tiles that fit your decorating themes

Remodeling? Enjoy the exciting new look of tumble marble

Fabulous hand-painted custom marble murals, and kitchen and bathroom décor created using tumble marble.

Enjoy stunning ceramic tile flooring from Art on Tiles

You'll like the look of hand-painted ceramic tiles in your pool and patio areas and other special walkways, like bathrooms, hallways, and recreation rooms. You are limited only by your imagination.

Hand painting fish tile design Pear tile design Hand painting fish tile design Tumble Marble Old Still Life Mural from a Corrado Pila Painting Mural.

Take the theme and colors of your living room or great room and think about how you can tastefully decorate using art on ceramic tiles. Make sketches. Then put together a small packet of materials and color samples (link to your Match it up page) and contact Art on Tiles. (link to your email address) Let us work with you to create glorious fireplace décor, an awesome mural, or an enchanting entryway.

House Number Address tiles and sign tiles

Art on Tiles offers a nice array of customized hand-painted address tiles.
Also, custom design a 12"x 12" sign tile for your business.

Enhance your world with the ceramic tile artistry of Art on Tiles!

For home decorating and home improvement that incorporate ceramic tiles and tumble marble, we're the best. Ready to contact Art on Tiles with a special request or question? artontiles(at)

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Portuguese Tile Murals!

New Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural !

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